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Ni-MH rechargeable battery enevolt AA 2150mAh set of 4

Alkaline dry battery enevolt basic AAA size 4 pieces set

Alkaline dry battery enevolt basic AA size 4 pieces set

Alkaline button battery LR44 1.5V set of 10

Lithium coin battery CR2032 3V 240mAh 2 pieces or more

Lithium battery CR123A 3V 2 piece set

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Enevolt helps you with your daily life🔋

Delivering an earth-friendly and sustainable lifestyle🌱


We want to deliver peace of mind even in times of need⛑


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Enevolt concept

Enevolt handles reusable rechargeable batteries, alkaline batteries, etc.

Kind to people and kind to the earth. Both "always" and "what if" are easy to use.

Based on this concept, we pay particular attention to everything from product development to commercialization and delivery.