About the operating company

Realize tomorrow's desires and energize society

3R Plaza is operated by 3R Co., Ltd. 3R Group is headquartered in Fukuoka City, with branches in Tokyo and Shenzhen, China, to strengthen its sales and product procurement capabilities. Additionally, we have affiliated companies in Beijing and Anhui Province, which allows us to handle a wide range of products.

Currently, we are a group company of 6 companies, with the philosophy of ``Realizing tomorrow's desires and energizing society.'' In addition to planning and selling digital products, measuring instruments, medical equipment, and epidemic prevention products, we also engage in solar power generation business. We are also involved in software development and the expansion of brands between Japan and China. As a general trading company in Fukuoka, we deliver products and services that enrich lives to Japan and the world.

Company Profile

Company name 3R Co., Ltd. ( https://3rrr-hd.jp/ )
English company name THREE R CORP.JAPAN
Establishment May 24, 2001
capital 12 million yen
board member Representative Director and Chairman Jun Wang Representative Director and President Yoichi Imamura
number of employees 109 people *As of November 2021
main office 812-0008
2nd floor, Takako Daiichi Building, 2-8-30 Toko, Hakata-ku, Fukuoka City