[Dry cell Q&A] How do you dispose of dry cell batteries once they are used up?

How to dispose of dry batteries I'm sure there are many people who have somehow thrown away used batteries, or who don't know how to dispose of them and have used batteries piling up in their homes.
Since batteries are used often, it is important to have knowledge about how to dispose of them.
This time, we will introduce you to ``How to dispose of dry cell batteries'' that you may not know!

*This article introduces disposal methods based on the example of Fukuoka City. Depending on the municipality where you live, there may be separate collection methods other than those listed below. Please refer to each local government's website for information on disposal methods in your area.

How to dispose of batteries

*Here, dry batteries are introduced as manganese dry batteries and alkaline dry batteries.

Batteries can basically be disposed of as non-burnable garbage. However, when disposing of it as garbage, it is important to ``be sure to insulate it'' ! Insulation treatment is a process that prevents the electrodes of battery terminals from coming into direct contact with each other. If insulation treatment is not performed, current may flow due to contact between batteries, causing heat generation and fire.

For insulation, firmly attach tape such as cellophane tape to cover the positive and negative terminals of the battery. In addition to cellophane tape, duct tape or masking tape can also be used for insulation.

Let's try insulation treatment

We will explain in detail how to insulate using a video.

Positive electrode insulation treatment
Paste the tape so that it covers the entire terminal, not just the protruding part.

Negative pole insulation treatment
As with the positive terminal, apply tape to the negative terminal so that it covers the entire terminal.


What did you think? This time we introduced how to dispose of dry batteries!
Don't forget to insulate your batteries when you throw them away. Learn how to properly dispose of batteries and use them more safely.

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