[Rechargeable battery Q&A] Tips to make your rechargeable battery last longer

Tips to make your rechargeable battery last longer After purchasing a rechargeable battery, I want to use it for as long as possible! You think so, right? It's also a problem if you can't use it in an emergency. We have summarized some points on how to make your rechargeable batteries last longer. It's all easy, so please try it!

Use to avoid "over-discharge"

If you use a rechargeable battery to cause it to over-discharge, its performance will deteriorate and its lifespan will be shortened. In fact, rechargeable batteries run out of power when about 1V of voltage remains, but when that voltage completely disappears, it is called "overdischarge." When you hear the term "over-discharge", it may sound difficult due to technical terminology, but you can prevent it from becoming "over-discharge" by simply doing the following two things.

- If the device stops working due to a dead battery, turn it off. - Do not leave a dead rechargeable battery unattended.

If your device stops working due to a dead battery, turn off the device and charge the rechargeable battery as soon as possible.

Store away from high temperature and humidity.

Storing the battery in a high temperature or humid place may reduce the performance and lifespan of the rechargeable battery. Also, if a rechargeable battery is used at high temperatures, it may expand and leak.

Store rechargeable batteries in a cool and dry place!

There is one thing to note here. We do not recommend storing rechargeable batteries in the refrigerator or in empty cans.
If you store a rechargeable battery in the refrigerator, there is a risk that the rechargeable battery will wear out due to water droplets from condensation or may develop rust. Also, storing batteries in metal containers such as empty cans is very dangerous as the container and the electrodes of the rechargeable battery may come into contact and cause a short circuit.


What did you think? This time, we have summarized the points on how to use rechargeable batteries for a long time. You can use your rechargeable battery for a long time with just a little care on a daily basis. Please give it a try!

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